A bright future with an ambitious group

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Creating a culture of empowerment

Today we live in a networked world where intelligence is power and data holds the key to success. The Kamyuen network includes our team members, customers, partners and others.
We are building a culture that can thrive in this world.

A network culture needs transparency, sharing and cooperation. It means working to a set of standards and values for common prosperity.


A network of cooperating teams

A network is characterized by nodes. In our case, these are small teams working together to achieve an objective. They are independent yet interdependent. Connected to the whole.

Kamyuen senior management are committed to empowering the teams and individuals in our network.

We aim to create the conditions where people can grow and achieve their personal ambitions. That’s how we will achieve our group ambition of becoming a world leader in precision engineering innovation.

Empowering you


Training center – our center of learning

Kamyuen will achieve its vision by recruiting, training and empowering great people. Every new recruit attends basic training during onboarding.

We encourage each team member to set self-improvement goals, and support them with various initiatives.


Higher education in engineering

The Kamyuen engineering program is led by Dr Wong and Dr Ko. The syllabus covers mechanical engineering, inspection and measurements, programming, machine control and product design.


Partnerships with educational institutions

We also collaborate with vocational colleges, including Zhongshan Vocational College, Maoming and Huizhou.

Kamyuen is determined to equip our people with the skills and knowledge they need to achieve personal success.