A heritage of precision innovation

Kam Yuen was founded in 1963 by Mr Ping Chan to produce precision watch components for Hong Kong’s fledgling timepieces industry.

In the decades since, the company has grown into Kamyuen Group.

Today we supply precision components, automation engineering solutions and digital infrastructure products to some of the most respected and ambitious brands in the world.

Always innovating

Kam Yuen Watch Cases Company founded by Mr Chan Ping
Commenced production of stainless steel watch cases
Certified as a strategic supplier to renowned Japanese watchmaker
Major upgrade of tool making and forging technology in Japan
Commenced using CNC machines for mass production
Launched rectangular waterproof stainless steel cases with forging innovation developed in-house
Migrated production to China
Certified ISO9001
Optec launched to enter optical network connector solutions business
Established customer support office in Switzerland
Expansion into high precision metal processing business
KASE launched to develop automation system and equipment
Established R&D center and laboratory
Established customer support office in USA
Reorganized as a network under Kamyuen Group to offer integrated customer services

Our network is built for innovation

Kamyuen Group is headquartered in Hong Kong. Our global talent team includes engineering PhDs, innovators, technologists and researchers.

Our R&D and manufacturing facilities in Zhongshan, China are equipped with advanced precision tools and technology. We also operate sales and customer support offices in Switzerland and USA.

You can trust us to solve your tough production challenges. Our network empowers organizations involved with luxury wearables, medical devices, automation and robotics, and other sectors where high precision is mission critical.


To become a world leader in precision engineering innovation by investing in the talent, knowledge, resources and technology that will make it happen.


We empower people for success in precision engineering with innovative products, services and systems.

Core values

The core values of Kamyuen

In the very early years of our company, our founder identified six core values for success. We continue to live by these simple ideas.

Every Kamyuen team member is urged to reflect on how our core values contribute to their personal success, as well as the success of the company.

Pursuit of excellence

Strive for the best. Enjoy the satisfaction of achieving success in every challenge.


Change and challenge bring opportunity. We achieve success with creativity and innovation.

Customer focus

We work together to empower our customers with success. Their success is ours too.


We’re committed to empowering our people and ensuring everyone experiences Kamyuen as the diverse, equitable, and inclusive place we know it to be.


We keep our commitments to each other, and to our customers and partners.


Great achievements come from people working together. We share our opportunities, challenges and rewards.


The Kamyuen Five Shield focus on security

We understand the crucial importance of protecting our customer’s assets. And keeping our production operations completely secure.

Kamyuen security guards against threats in five interlocking areas:

Intellectual property protection

Confidentiality and IP training and contractual agreements are mandatory for all Kamyuen team members. We work with trusted suppliers, who we bind with similar confidentiality agreements we sign with our customers.

Perimeter security

Our production and research facilities are guarded by physical security barriers, access control and CCTV. The Kamyuen security team keep a watchful eye on everything that enters and leaves our workplaces.

Internal data controls

We enforce strict mobile device management policies for Kamyuen employees. Our IT team maintains best practice antivirus and intruder software protection, plus a double firewall. Where practical, critical data systems are isolated from the internet.

Internet controls

While we recognize the value of global networked applications we also appreciate the inherent risks. We keep a tight lock on all internet activity and data flows. Kamyuen is committed to ongoing investment to maintain data integrity and uptime.

Crisis management and survival

We maintain and regularly review backup plans for all Kamyuen operations and activities. Management teams engage in “what if” scenarios and exercises to test system robustness and team resilience. Our objective is to never let our customers down.

Caring and sharing

Kamyuen takes social responsibility very seriously. We participate in many community initiatives and support a range of worthy causes.

  • Raising funds for the Wenchuan Earthquake Disaster relief
  • Kamyuen teams join the district walkathon
  • A Kamyuen charity sale
  • Raising funds for needy team members

Awards and recognition

In recognition of our innovation and high quality, Kamyuen has received numerous patents, certifications and awards over the years.